Date of earlier publishing

This feature was added for very specific cases, where SPIP is used to install archives and where these archives must have a publication date different from the online date.

It is a case of being able to indicate that a document has already been the subject of an earlier publication: newspaper article, book...

-  By default , this date is not displayed: the option "Hide date of earlier publishing" is selected at the time of the creation of the article.

-  If you want to specify such a date, you must select the option "Show date of earlier publishing" as well as use the drop-down menus to set it up.

Unlike the "publication date" of the article, this date is not automatically determined at the time of the validation of the article. That is why it can be modified at any time.

The site administrators can disable the use of the earlier publication date in the ’<a href="./?exec=aide_index&aide=confart" target="_top">precise Configuration’ section.