A template problem

When SPIP encounters an error in its communications with the MySQL database, it displays the failed query on the screen as well as the error message returned by the database (in red).

The problem could result from :
-  either from an error in the definition of your template, if you are in the process of modifying your site;
-  or from a failure in the database.

For instance, a message of the sort
> Unknown column 'articles.chapi' in 'where clause'
indicates that the loop calls a selection criteria (chapi) which is not valid for the table in question.

On the other hand, a message of the sort
> Can't open file: 'spip_articles.MYD'
indicates a serious problem in the MySQL database itself: in such circumstances, you should then ask your host to verify its installation and/or repair your database. If you have a recent version of MySQL (3.23.14 at least), you can also try an automatic repair of the database (provided your database is configured to permit this).