Your MySQL connection

This step consists of entering the necessary information for the connection of SPIP to the MySQL server.

-  Database address: depending on your host’s choice, this field will simply be "localhost", or your site’s address ("").

-  Connection login: it is often the same login that you use to upload your files by FTP.

-  Connection password: it is often the same password as the one you use to access your site by FTP.

-  These settings cannot be just made up during the install routine: not knowing them means that your host has not given them to you. So if you do not have this information at hand, you will not be able to continue.

-  These settings are provided to you by the host of your site: to obtain them, you must contact the site host directly (do not ask the SPIP development team to give them to you, we do not know them!). Some hosts provide such information in an online guide.

-  You should also note that very often, you will need to ask your host to activate your MySQL access, or complete yourself a specific procedure to accomplish that. Several hosts claiming to provide support for MySQL databases do not activate this connection automatically at the time of the setting up of a site; an additional request from your part (after opening your account with this host) is often necessary. In this case, refer to the documentation provided by your host to know how to activate your MySQL connection. (Again, the SPIP team cannot help you here.)