Forum monitoring

The forum monitoring page is an important element of your site if you allow the use of public forums (for more on this subject, refer to the documentation about public forums configuration). It is on this page, in fact, that forum moderation is conducted.

-  Message display

Messages are not displayed here according to their hierarchical structure (by threads), but one after the other in reverse chronological order (the most recent first). On the other hand, each message is accompanied by the name of the article it refers to.

-  Deleting messages

The main feature here is the ability to delete contributions. Warning: this operation is irreversible. However, a deleted message is not removed from the database: it appears on this page surrounded by a red frame, accompanied by the date that the message was received and the IP address of the sender.

-  If you already configured public forums with the option of a pre-publishing moderation, pending messages are framed in yellow and offer two buttons: delete this message and validate this message.